India, UAE come together for military exercise


The first-ever India-UAE Joint Military Exercise being held in Rajasthan, indicates the deep strategic inroads India has made in the Gulf. ‘Desert Cyclone 2024’ between the two countries will be held from January 2 to January 15 in in Mahajan, Rajasthan. With an increasing defence heft, India has been emerging as an alternative to the US and China.

The joint drills aim to enhance interoperability by learning and sharing best practices in urban operations. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, areas of bilateral cooperation in the defence field are the production and development of defence equipment; joint exercises of armed forces, particularly naval exercises; sharing of information on strategy and doctrines; technical cooperation in respect of Intermediate Jet Trainer and so on. In recent years, defence cooperation has been strengthened, especially in the field of defence training and supply of defence inventory and regular exchange programmes.

The first-ever India-UAE Joint Air Forces exercise took place in September 2008 at the Al-Dhafra base in Abu Dhabi. India is also a regular participant at the biennial International Defence Exhibition (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi.

India and the UAE enjoy strong bonds of friendship founded on millennia-old cultural, religious and economic intercourse between the two regions. Joint military exercises result in constructive engagements and enhance skills of armed forces in diverse areas of war-fighting. In the process, tactical and technological practices, techniques, and strategies are exchanged, resulting in the continuous improvement of military operations.

Facts about Desert Cyclone

• Representing the UAE are the Zayed First Brigade troops, while the Indian Army contingent, consisting of 45 personnel, is predominantly from a Battalion of the Mechanised Infantry Regiment.

• ‘Desert Cyclone’ aims to enhance interoperability in Sub-conventional Operations, specifically focusing on Fighting in Built-Up Area (FIBUA) in desert and semi-desert terrain.

• The joint exercise is strategically designed to boost cooperation and interoperability between the participating forces during peace keeping operations.

• ‘Desert Cyclone’ will see the rehearsal of crucial drills aimed at honing skills required for effective peacekeeping in challenging terrains.

• The exercise is aimed at fostering of a collaborative partnership between the armed forces of India and the UAE.



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