Over 7,000 historical documents of Indian diaspora living in Oman digitized under pioneering initiative



A unique initiative showcasing the rich history and trade ties between India and Oman has succeeded in preserving century-old documents significant to both the countries.

Named ‘The Oman Collection – Archival Heritage of the Indian Community in Oman’, the project was spearheaded by the Indian Embassy in Muscat, in collaboration with the National Archives of India (NAI).

More than 7,000 historical documents belonging to the Indian diaspora in Oman were digitized under this pioneering initiative, which was carried out at the Embassy of India premises in Muscat, from May 19-27, 2024. The digitized documents were archived and they would be made accessible soon on ‘Abhilekh Patal’, the digital portal of the NAI.

The Indian Ambassador to Oman, Amit Narang, expressed happiness over the completed task. He said, “We are delighted to have received more than 7,000 documents from 32 Indian families from Gujarat, who have been in Oman for over a century. It was a meticulous exercise to archive historical documents of the Indian diaspora living in Oman, but I am pleased that we have accomplished this. The documents will soon be available for viewing at the National Archives of India.”

The documents – from as early as 1838 – include letters, passports, photographs, personal diaries, account books, and trade invoices, that throw light on the life and culture of the Indian community in Oman, their integration into Omani society, and ability to maintain Indian traditions in an unknown land.

As a part of the project, oral histories were also recorded for the first time.

The initiative, supported by the National Records and Archives Authority (NRAA) of Oman, aims to strengthen the enduring friendship between India and Oman, while providing researched resources for future generations. – editor@nrifocus.com


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